TOP Spring/Summer trends


Not exactly groundbreaking colors for the spring and summer months until you consider quantity. In a head to toe lavender ensemble or a big full skirt in dusty rose you will be on point this season.

Mastering this trend: Don’t reserve it for the usual occasions like weddings and showers. Pull it out for cocktail hour or if you’re like me, grocery shopping because that’s how fabulous your life is!


Tropical Florals

Floral prints are basically synonymous with spring-summer but this season there are some great new additions. These new tropical prints are really fun and bring a fresh edge to their genre. My favorite is the palm print.



I’ve played on 0 sports teams ever and this is still one of my favorite trends. So organized sports weren’t for me, but it wasn’t because I couldn’t pull off a jersey! Luckily, if that were the case there are a bazillion other ways to incorporate this trend into your wardrobe. There’s neoprene, mesh, running shorts, bomber jackets, joggers, baseball tees, hats, and sneakers galore.

Styling tips: 1. Go crazy 2. Make it comfy (What’s the point of getting to wear sweatpants in public if their going to be uncomfortable?)



No Rules

Trend alert! The new rule is there are no rules. This one might be even more relevant to plus-size women than anyone else. The shift away from old rules and so-called flattering clothing has been slow in general and slowest in plus size. Conventional silhouettes went out the window for most with this past season’s oversized jackets and creative layering, and I’m glad to see S/S continue in that direction. But what’s really fun is that this season is as much about mixing prints as it is about being matchy-matchy. Also ugly shoes are cool. There’s so much to be thankful for!



Short Hair

After all is said I think the most notable incarnation of this is short hair, in particular the bob hairstyle. Short hair is literally everywhere, celebs, models, and bloggers are all rocking chic short dos. Is it a nod to the 90’s or thanks to major support of lazy-girl-swag? Probably both. One thing I do know is, short hair is in for everyone!

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