Bias: The direction in fabrics diagnol to the lengthwise or crosswise directions. When woven fabrics are pulled in the bias direction, they exhibit greater stretch than in other directions.
Bias Binding: Narrow strips of Fabric cut on the bias, with are pliable for use in covering raw edges of curved necklines and armholes, or used at trimming. Can be made by hand or sold in packages.
Edge Stitch: Straight stitching sewn very close to the edge of the seam, trim, or outer edge. Prevents edges from stretching or rolling, and supports the fabric.
Empire Waistline: High-waisted effect with seam placed directly under the bust.
Hem: The lower edge of an item of clothing, such as a skirt or blouse, or of sleeves.
High low/Dip hem: A hem that is longer in back and shorter in the front of a garment. Mostly seen in skirts and dresses right now.
Seam Allowance: The measurement from the edge of the fabric to the line of stitching is the seam allowance.
Dictionary of Fashion by Charlotte Calasibette & Phyllis Tortora

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