I am a fat fashion designer and lover of all bodies. I am challenging the status quo and determined to offer unique design and high quality craftsmanship to fat girls all over.

 After completing my AA degree at Seattle Central Community College with the intention of majoring in Sociology I decided to go after my dream and attend fashion school.

Being “plus size” (currently size 18) most my life I have always been frustrated with what fashion has to offer me as well as the ignorant sentiment the fashion industry, media and mainstream society has about fat people. My favorite way of challenging these beauty and “health” standards is by the way I dress. We are often advised by close friends and fashion insiders to, “Wear black,” “Suck it in,” “Oversized clothes are not flattering for plus size,” “Skinny jeans make your hips look bigger.” All this advice assumes that to look good or even presentable you must create an illusion of something you’re not. In high school I quit believing in trying to look thinner. Instead I wore short tight fitting tube dresses, crazy tights and I’ve never looked back. I believe in breaking all the rules and challenging everyones ideas about what you as a fat person should wear.

I just completed my Fashion Design Degree from FIDM in Los Angeles and am currently starting my own line of full figure clothing in Seattle, Wa!

Feel free to reach me at lieslbinx@gmail.com!


Tell me what you think!

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