The Fatkini Search!


I usually don’t do posts like this but for the last 2 months I’ve been going crazy trying to find the perfect 2 piece swimsuit!

I pondered making my own but…

1. I hate sewing nylon

2. I don’t have the time especially while I’m constructing my Fall collection

I also found out that a couple of my friends were going through the exact same search so I shared some of the stuff I found with them and it turned into a huge convo on Facebook! This is when I decided I had to share the awesome swimsuits I found!


The first place I went to was Monif C I really liked this suit but the total for the top and bottom was $175 and this was just too much for me! I understand paying for quality but I was hoping to stay within $100

Then I went to JcPenny’s website. There was one plus size one I liked there even though it was a 1 piece.


Then I went to JcPenny’s website. There was one plus size one I liked there even though it was a 1 piece. This is currently on sale for $55.50 and there also offer coral and black.


I went to the straight sizeson JcPenny’s website and realized that Liz Claiborne had some cute ones that went up to a size 16 (this would probably work for me since I have smaller boobs.) Unfortunatly it was all out of stock! It is currently online for sale for $57 total for the top and bottom!



I absolutly despise cheetah/lepard print at this point but I know everyone is still addicted to it lol Forever 21 just posted this bikini it is also in plain black. $27.80


I found this on Sonsi by Cacique but I wasn’t looking for polka dots. It’s $49.95 for the top and $44.95 for the bottoms. I also check Lane Bryant but didn’t find anything that was my style.


Blogger Gabi of Gabifresh has designed a capsule collection for Swimsuits For All Of Us, they haven’t released all the bikini’s yet but this is a great start! I can’t wait to see what else will be included, Rumor is it will be up May 15th.


This was my fave suit from Evans, it’s a little plain but I like the style of the suit! $32 for the top and $25 for the bottom.



Nakimuli some unique designs for plus swimwear. I love both of the suits, they are each $145.



I would rock any of the swimsuits from RUE 107 they are all fabulous. Most expensive top is $50 and bottom $55! I really apreciate that this brand offers the some of the same design for straight and plus sizes!

PS. Serena Williams was spotted wearing the black and white one!


ASOS just added this gem! I like these bottoms a lot b/c they are thick but you can still show off your stomach! Top $29.93 & bottom $23.28

Places I looked but didn’t find anything worth mentioning:

Nordstrom, Lane Bryant, New Look, Elomi, Target, Macy’s, Always For Me, Torrid, Ashley Stewart, Dorothy Perkins, Fashion to Figure, Kiyonna, City Chic, Sorella Swim, Simply Be

Places I checked but don’t offer Swimwear

MYNT 1792, IGIGI, SWAK, Queen Grace, Domino Dollhouse, Cult of California

I hope this post was insightful and helps you in your search for a swimsuit!


6 thoughts on “The Fatkini Search!

  1. Thank you soo much for this I’ve searched everywhere for these swimsuits but I didn’t know which website to go to. You’re a life saver.

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  3. Lesil, I am in Scottsdale AZ and I had to buy a bathing suit. We looked in the Rack, and all kinds of stores near our hotel,no one had plus sizes. I went into Dillard’s and found a wonderful suit called Inches Away..Woman’s. I bought a full piece suit but they also have 2 piece suits. A really nice selection. I told the salesclerk how hard it was to find a suit. Hope this helps and I spelled your name correctly! Love to your Mom and the family, Joan Petersen Sent from my iPad

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