Throwback Monday!

School Projects

Since I have been so busy making Binx Bags I thought it would be fun to do a quick post of a piece I made in school!

I made this piece my 2nd quarter in draping 1 class. We first had to drape a basic wrap skirt with 2 darts in the front and back, the assignment from there was open ended. I chose to take a structural approach and put my own avant garde spin on the typical wrap skirt.

While draping I took my 5 yards of polyester organza and folded it in half along the crosswise grain (weft) so that the selvage edges matched. (usually selvage edges are torn off before draping but I chose not to) then I began pinning the selvage edges to my wrap skirt creating folds along the waistline. (as seen in the photos)

After the initial drape I went and bought 12 yards of Polyester organza (always buy poly for class projects it’s cheaper!) The final skirts you see is the continuous piece of 12 yards of organza! Sewing this was really difficult but it was totally worth it. Folding the organza along the weft made it so I didn’t have to sew a hem at the bottom but at the top so I did a 12 yard french seam which was quite a feat but very impressive when finished. Hope you like this skirt! I sure wish it would have been in my size because I’d wear it!

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