Pattern Making

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For the past 3 weeksI having been working on size 18 blocks/slopers. Blocks are basic patterns from which patterns for many other designs/styles can be made. I graduated with a set of size 8 blocks I created over the course of 9 months, but those are too small for my purposes so I’m going through this process again.

Creating blocks consists of drafting patterns from body measurements, cut & sewing samples and then perfecting the fit from there. It is very important your blocks have a top shelf fit because all other patterns will be created from these.

My basic set of blocks includes; basic bodice, basic sleeve, basic skirt, contour bodice, torso, raglan sleeve, kimono, casual shirt & sleeve.

As of right now I am using myself as my fit model so that has been challenging but its been rewarding to be creating patterns that will actually fit me!

Its seems like it’s taking so long to actually see any of my original designs come to life but I’m trying to stay patient!

Stay tuned for a post about my up coming canvas tote bag collection!


2 thoughts on “Blocks/Slopers

  1. do you use the dotted paper exclusively for slopers? Would it be advisable to use the dotted paper exclusively for all drafted patterns?

    1. I use the dot paper for creating drafts of slopers, as well as first patterns. Once the sloper is perfected on draft paper I make a manila copy of it for future use. Yeah using dot paper is great for drafting patterns because it helps you keep straight lines and measure quickly! It’s also expensive though and butcher paper works too. Sorry it took me so long to get back to you

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