Set Backs & Acceptance to FIDM!


After finally finding a fashion school near home to save money and starting classes there I decided it wasn’t the right place for me! There many reasons why I chose to leave IADT Seattle including my admissions rep lying to me about having campuses in New York and the lack of passion from instructors in the classroom to the extremely lax curriculum! Throughout the last 2 months I have started and withdrew from IADT Seattle and have now been accepted to Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising! FIDM is an extremely rigorous school that I have always dreamed of going to! I am ready for the challenges of the fashion design major there and will be moving to LA at the end of September. I start classes October 6th. Meanwhile I am working at Taco Time haha and doing lots of odd and end jobs like lawn work and watering people’s plants so that I can afford the first quarters housing! After years of wanting to leave my hometown I’m finally taking the big step and it feels so good.


One thought on “Set Backs & Acceptance to FIDM!

  1. Liesl, Love your blog look forward to hearing more about what your doing. How your doing, and how schools going. Catch you later. Rhonda

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