Mission Statement


Before I tell you about myself I want my mission to be clear. I want to use this as a platform to speak about my experiences as a fat girl in fashion school who desires to make fashionable clothes for round bodies like my own. I don’t want to talk about the trials and tribulations of being fat or how I have come to accept my rolls and belly. Although I may go on rants sometimes! 🙂 Most importantly I want to create a community of round bodies who are daring to look great. I want us to be connected so that we can make real change in this industry and world.


5 thoughts on “Mission Statement

  1. Hello lady! I just find out about your blog and I am so happy that I randomly typed “patterns/bodices for high fashion plus size clothes”!!! For the little story, I have been drawing for years already without getting anything done (in the country I live in you can actually pay about 3-5$ to get a simple gown done if you have a drawing), because I knew I wouldn’t get it done the way I would like it to be done, the way I would do it if I could…. These past weeks my inspiration went over the top and I would stay up all night drawing. I was angry at my closet which is far from BEING my style, or DEFINING myself. Then a friend offered me her small electric sewing machine and I thought “dear God, is this a sign? I mean You know I have no idea how to sew, right? But I learn quickly…This better be workin! Please do not make me do this for no reason!”. So here I am, bringing back all my drawings and ready to make my own clothes, learning on the internet how to sew since there’s no fashion schools in my country. If I have to, I will pay someone to help me out and sew the more difficult patterns while I learn. I would like to open a boutique for plus size clothes! I love what you do, it’s amazing. I hope you could be on YouTube :)! I have to end this looong comment now!
    Joanna, the Burundian 24 years old fat future faTshion designer…no matter what!

    1. Wow!I’m so glad you found my blog, this is what it’s all about! I am going through the same thing with my closet right now 😦 I wish I could be there to help you sew! It’s a difficult process but it’s totally worth it! If you have any questions for me at all please let me know and I will try and answer them in a blog post or email! I am working with a friend to create some youtube videos soon! I would love to see some of your drawings? I bet they are awesome! So glad to have met you on the internet! Feel free to email me @ lieslbinx@gmail.com


    2. Great to hear from you, I may have some you tube videos in the future. You should also look up Mimig, Diary of a sewing fanatic, and Ericab, Martin Jonson on facebook he has a lot of tutorials. Thanks again for looking at my blog. Will chat again soon.

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